The district is responsible for the construction and ongoing maintenance of landscaped medians, street lights, trails, monument signs, open space, 4 detention ponds and street trees in the ROW of Compark Blvd and Chambers Road.

  Current Projects  
  Springstone Hospital  
    CBCMD Tap Fee Schedule - 2019-01-01  
    Water Rights Tracking Report (SFE) 2017-05-31  
    CBCMD - Lennar Colorado LLC District Reimbursement Agreement 2014-01-31  
    WISE Partnership Releases (with Denver Post Articles)  
    Report - Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Project as prepared by Burns & McDonnell  
    Power Point Presentation Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades as prepared by Burns & McDonnell  
    Stonegate Village Metro District Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades 2013-02-14  
    South Metro WISE Authority IGA 2013-02-13  
    IREA Compark/Highfield Business Park Letter 2013-06-03  
    Joint Resolution of the BOD of SVMD & CBCMD 2003-06-18  
  Tap Purchase Agreements  
    With Chamber Compark 1, LLC  
    With Education Capital Solutions Flg-10 2016-04-15  
    With Lennar Flg-6 2014-01-31  
    With Lennar 2013-07-03  
    With Opus Lot 4B-1B 2014-01-15  
    With Opus 2012-12-04  
    With Compark Land Company 2011-12-01  
    Town of Parker Compark Village Filing 8 & 9 for Public Improvement Agreement 2019-08-23  
    Stormwater Drainage and Access Easement 2019-07-15  
    IGA with Belford South Metro District for Funding of Green Acres Tributary Improvements 2019-06-17  
    Amended and Restated Regional Water and Wastewater Service Agreement 2016-10-10  
    CBCMD Compark Land Company and Educational Capital Solutions, LLC Agreement 2016-04-15  
    Assignment of Water and Wastewater Service SFE - Belford South-204 2016-01-04  
    Cost Sharing Escrow Agreement 2016-04-15  
    District Reimbursement Agreement 2015-11-12  
    CBCMD-SVMD Springstone Tap Agreement 2015-02-20  
    ACWWA Will Serve Letter 470 Compark Property in Douglas County 2011-12-15  
    ACWWA E-W Pipeline Capacity Acquisition Agreement 2011-02-09  
    Compark Land Company Easement Agreement 2009-11-24  
    Water Plant Improvement Agreement 2000-06-21  
    Sewer Plant Construction Agreement 1998-12-11  
    Stonegate Village Metro District Regional Facilities Agreement 1997-12-04  
    Stonegate Village Metro District First Amendment to Regional Facilities Agreement 1998-08-31  
    Stonegate Village Metro District Second Amendment to Regional Facilities Agreement 1999-03-15  
    Stonegate Village Metro District Third Amendment to Regional Facilities Agreement 2001-08-15  
    Stonegate Village Metro District Fourth Amendment to Regional Facilities Agreement 2008-07-03  
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